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Table of Contents:
The WOODY Film Section
The BUDDY & TEDDY Section
Some Kind of Wonderful
Musical HOT List
Geography Section
The CHE Guevara Section

The Woody Allen Section
Play it again, Sam (1972)

Woody Allen is my favourite actor and director. His characters appeals to my humour. As a matter of fact, in my younger days, he was an idolized model of behaviour which I tried to copy. As a direct, disastrous result, I was a lonely bachelor for years! Everything is forgiven, though. I am now happily married...

Mr Allen's movies are all different, every year with a new angel of perspective. I never seize to be astonished by his clever artistic and technical renewal. Watch the movies Zelig, Red Rose of Cairo, Shadow and Fog, and all the others... to fully comprehend what I mean. I admit that his funny movies from the seventies have a special place in my heart, but his more recent movies are also cunningly funny, even though they handle more mature themes more seriously. I am not a film critic; I will not try to analyse his works. But I will say this: Look at his movies and be wise...
Woody and Sly (Bananas, 1971)

Other movie personalities I appreciate, are Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd (for their special Saturday night humour), Monty Python's Flying Circus, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill (for their many striking funny movies), Nastassja Kinski (for her tender and sensual acting), Mary Stuart Masterson (for her great performances, especially in the sweet movie Some Kind of Wonderful). They are all grand in my eyes, in various ways and with so little in common...

Another thing to mention, is the old TV series I like to reminisce about, for instance High Chaparral (Buck and Manolito being my favourites), Daktari (with Clarence – the nearsighted lion; which channel will re-issue this show?), Dusty's Trail (a humourous series on man's urge to go west...) Alias Smith and Jones (starring the late Pete Duel, and Ben Murphy), all of them exciting and exotic in my childhood... Today I fancy the Seinfeld series, my idol being Michael Richards as Kramer. My first encounter with this man on screen was as an unlucky hitman in a hospital, and I have loved the man since...


The Buddy & Teddy Section
Bud Spencer, a striking (!) and talented actor, well-known from countless funny movies, especially the Trinity movies and the following "Watch Out, We're Mad". Hillarious dialog, like this one: I got it, and I say he's got it. And when I say he's got it, he's got it. Do you got it?...


Some Kind of Wonderful
Some Kind of Wonderful: Mary Stuart Masterson
Some Kind of Wonderful (1987) stars Eric Stoltz and Lea Thompson, but most of all this movie is Mary Stuart Masterson's masterpiece so far. She plays the drummer girl, the tomboy secretly in love with the outsider Stoltz, who on the other side has a crush on Lea Thompson's character, the school's sex kitten. Allow me to quote Roger Ebert: "Masterson's love is totally overlooked by this guy who thinks he knows all about her. There's something a little masochistic about the way she volunteers to chauffeur him on his big date, but something sweet, too, in the way she cares for him. She has a lot of tricky scenes in which she has to look one way and feel another way, and she's good at them."

Masterson is a clever drummer, and the opening musical theme is quite a beauty.


Musical Hot List
Rubycon, by Tangerine Dream (1975)
  • Tangerine Dream: Rubycon part 1 (from the album Rubycon, 1975)
  • Vangelis: Song of the Seas (from the album Oceanic, 1996)
As you may have figured out, I love electronic music, but I do not wear blinkers.

Other favourite music artists: Klaus Schulze, Isao Tomita, Neuronium, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Everly Brothers, ABBA, Kraftwerk, Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana", etc etc...

Tangerine Dream (1977)


Geography Section
A Maldive Island in the sun
The Maldives, Liechtenstein... These are my two favourite countries. Do not ask me why. I am not capable of answering the question.
The Maldive Islands are more obvious: A natural tropical paradise. Fürstentum Liechtenstein just because I fancy the size (small!) and because the princely castle is more than interesting to me...
Schloss Vaduz, Liechtenstein
I also love the Lanzarote island, the most exciting Canary Island, with its moony lava landscapes and impressive caves. I have been there twice, it's a marvellous experience...


The Che Guevara Section
Che Guevara, folks!
Che Guevara was a noble warrior for justice to the people of the third world. In my early teens, he was a great idol, after I had read a book about the Cuban revolution. Of course, the greatness of going to war and kill for a good cause has diminished over the years. I soon became a pacifist, with Victor Hugo's words in mind: I will not kill a child to save a nation. So they say: If you are not a radical in your youth, you have no heart. If you are not conservative in older age, you have no brain. Please put that in your pipe and smoke it...


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